Grant Writing

You know there's help out there, but it seems impossible to find.

Or maybe you have unearthed sources of funding, but you don't know where to start - do grant applications terrify you?  

Have you tried applying before and have been rejected (more than once)? Maybe you've even considered giving up.

Take heart - we've worked with community organisations, emerging musicians and eager event planners who are exactly where you are today.

I’ve been writing grant and tender applications since 2000 and with my extensive knowledge and expertise, I can help you secure the funding you need.

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Grant Writing Mentoring Session

1 x 1hr Phone or Skype session Including Project Plan, Letter of Support Template and Support Checklist Documents $195  

Your Project - Identify a clear project outline

The Fund - We will find the most appropriate funding program to suit your needs

The Guidelines - We will break the guidelines down and discuss

The Budget - Completing the application budget, what to include and what you can ask for.

Gathering Support - Pulling together your support material and developing your evidence of demand

2 x application reviews and feedback prior to submission


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Grant Application Writing

Looking for a grant writer to complete the application for you?

Complete the questionnaire below and I’ll be in touch.


I’m unsure which grant writing option is for me, what should I do?
I offer a free 15 minute info call. You can book in here

I'm just starting out, can I still apply?
Absolutely! It really depends on your project and your definition of 'starting out'. It's useful to be able to demonstrate you have built up a small audience; have support or references from one or two known industry professionals; or have undertaken some activities off your own back, such as local performances, exhibitions, or gigs.

What kinds of projects are given funding?
Exhibitions; equipment and facilities;'artist-in-residence' placements, touring Australia &/or abroad; professional development; mentoring & training; marketing & recording; community projects; social enterprises; festivals, gigs or one-off events.

What's the maximum amount of money I could get?
It depends specifically on your project costs, the grant you apply for and potentially how many other applications are also submitted for the some fund. 
Some funding bodies have a set limit of the amount you can apply for and others may only fund a percentage of your overall project budget.

Do you offer a guarantee? 
Due to the preparation time, expertise and time involved, we cannot offer refunds or base our fee solely on commission for successful applications. 
However we do guarantee to write a professional application, which matches the grant guidelines and selection criteria and summarises your project in the most optimum way.

Can my project be 100% funded from grants?
Almost all funding bodies will ask that you contribute to your project either financially and/or with in-kind support.