Are you ready to be honest?

All you want to do is create and perform. But it’s hard getting your music out there. You know albums won’t sell themselves or event offers appear from nowhere, but you're refusing to give up. 

Being a professional musician is a precarious vocation and you can't do this alone.

With the right knowledge, funding and support (plus someone in the industry who's got your back), you know you can have an enduring music career.


What is Kadence Group?

Kadence Group is a boutique music company that specialises in Artist Management and Management Services for artists and bands.

We work with artists and bands to help them develop the foundation of their business.

From grant writing, crowd funding, festival and award submissions. To setting up and managing a finance system, registering your music, managing your tour logistics to project management, music action planning and sourcing addition members for your team.

We are here to help you establish your business, to keep it running to assist you in achieving your goals in the music industry so you can focus on creating.

Whether it’s a one of task, or multiple ongoing projects, we’d love to hear from you.


Kadence Group

Kadence Group was founded in 2015 by Kristy Gostelow to offer a bespoke collection of services, tailored to the specific needs of artist and bands.

Kristy knows how it feels trying to navigate the music industry labyrinth, but she thinks life without music, would be colourless. She is fiercely loyal and fair. You can count on her to tell the truth. Along with being a creative herself, she relishes in creativity and the kooky side of life.

Kristy has won an Australia Day Award in 2003 for Community Development and was nominated for Young Business Person of the Year 2013 for the Queensland’s AIM Awards and the 2015 Ausmumprenuer Awards.

Not one for the spotlight or being the centre of attention Kristy prefers to spend time supporting and connecting with others.


Kristy Gostelow

Although I've held senior management positions in a diverse range of fields across private, government and NFP, I never finished high school. I've managed people, budgets, training, government contracts, events and sponsorship deals from education to finance, business development to youth work.   I begun writing grant applications in 2000 and it's fair to say I know how to source funding like the back of my hand.

I'm honoured to have gathered a network of contacts over the years from successful musicians, talented emerging artists, generous sponsors and funding organisations along with related support organisations all committed to the music industry. 

However, above all else it is my family's passion for music that has inspired me.  Having music in our lives is as essential as breathing.