Being a professional musician is a precarious combination of devoted artistic creation and shrewd business sense.

You wish event bookers would seek out and invite you to perform, that you could have a manager, booking agent and publisher on your team so you could spend the rest of your time creating? How would you feel if you had someone to support you in building the foundations and running your business that allows you to focus on the music?

As an artist, you need the right team around you.

Because dreams will never touch reality without the right expertise and support.  Your incredible, original sound will only get you so far. You need access to an environment where you can be nurtured and given the vital tools to ensure a long, sustainable career. 

·      Grant Writing & Crowd Funding

·      Finance Systems

·      Festival & Award Submissions

·      Tour Logistics

·      Development – Music Action Planning and Mentoring

·      Building your team

We have tried to simplify it for artists and bands that may require management, administration and coordination services for their projects and everyday business needs.


Grant Writing & Crowdfunding

You know there's help out there, but it seems impossible to find.

Or maybe you have unearthed sources of funding, but you don't know where to start - do grant applications terrify you?  Have you tried applying before and been rejected (more than once)? Maybe you've even considered giving up.

Take heart - we've worked with community organisations, emerging musicians and eager event planners who are exactly where you are today.

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Finance Systems

Are your finances in a mess?  Have no idea where your money is going or how much you are really making or where all those receipts are and freak out at tax time?We can help. Whether it’s just as simple as setting up a finance system and guiding you through it to self manage or you would prefer someone else to manage this for you.

We have these solutions for you


Festival and Award Submissions

Don’t have the time or don’t know where to even look or stay on top of all the festival and award submissions?  We’ve got you covered for one offs or ongoing support submissions? 

We’ve got you covered for one offs or ongoing support.


Tour Logistics

 Are you ready to hit the road? Let us help you coordinate all your tour logistics, from travel, accommodation, ground transport and backline.



You’re creating great tunes and all you want to do is get your music heard. Let’s face it; the music industry can be a bit of an unknown. Before launching your project, the development stage is the first essential step towards a successful outcome. We can guide you in the process of developing your creative project.

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