Kadence Music Business Mastermind



Three months of support and accountability to keep you and your music business moving forward.

Would you like to have a team that will support and cheer you on?

A place where you can ask questions, problem solve challenges and get referrals to the right people in the industry?


 Kadence Music Business Mastermind meets twice a month over video conferencing to work on your music business and developing your career.
Each participant prepares a music action plan at commencement of the program in a one-on-one session with Kristy for the 3-month mastermind duration to build their next steps.
Discover innovative ways to build your business with the support of professional music industry guidance and a community of your peers.

This mastermind is for you if:

You’ve been building your music business for a while but struggle to shift to the next level.

You feel overwhelmed with so much to do and you don’t know where to start or where to focus your attention.

You want to connect with other musicians who are proactive about and committed to growing their business. 

You’re serious about turning your business into a profitable enterprise  

You’re willing to work with an accountability partner.

You’re able to commit to a minimum of 7hrs per month for calls and follow up tasks.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to…

Have a music business network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are as passionate as you

Have accountability and build new relationships with people who are on the same path as you

Expand your skill set and connections and by working together in the group you will pick up valuable advice and skills

Know that you have a clear strategy and an inspiring action plan to create and implement your music projects

Get answers and ideas, which come from brainstorming with the group.

The chance to tap into the experience and skills of others.

Increased confidence that you've made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals.

Accountability and real progress in your business.

An instant and valuable support network.

What is a Music Mastermind?

A business mastermind is a group of people in the same business world who meet regularly and ‘mastermind’ their work together.

Many musicians get stuck thinking they just need to get better at their craft to generate more work or get noticed by the ‘right people’.  The issue with this is that there are plenty of musicians less talented than you are making a successful living from their music and plenty of amazing musicians aren’t. This mastermind group offers a personalised group environment, limited to just 6 members for a three month period looking for peer support to grow their music business.

When you start treating your music like a business, career development and business growth will happen. Kadence Music Business Mastermind will provide you the opportunity to get to know and learn from not only me, but also your peers and some industry special guests and provide the support, advice and encouragement you need to achieve your goals with the greatest of ease.

This small group coaching mastermind program offers personalised support for you and your business.

Participate in group sessions focused on the important topics you want covered.

Experience hands on accountability to ensure you move forward with ease, every step of the way.

Fully embrace your creativity and natural innovative attributes so you can be flexible and respond to opportunities, but without overwhelm, being scattered or uncertain of your direction.

What you get in this mastermind


Let's identify your goals, the actions you need to take, build a support team, develop a budget to make it all happen and identify funding streams to assist with smashing your goals plus a fully developed personalised Career Progression Plan delivered to your inbox within 5 working days and follow up accountability!

  • Goals - Identify your goals

  • Actions - Break your goals down into actions

  • Timeline - Plan your actions out into a timeline

  • Resources - Identify the resources you will require to smash those goals!

  • Budget - Identify cost associated with reaching your goals

  • Opportunities - What opportunities are available for you to assist in reaching your goals

    A detailed Music Action Plan developed for you based on our session that clearly outlines your goals, the actions you need to take, your timeline in order to keep moving ahead, the resources you require along with a budget and other opportunities for you to pursue. 


    Each fortnight you will get the opportunity to share where you are at in your business, and talk about a problem you are facing and get advice and guidance to help move you forward.The mastermind is a small group which means you will have ample time to share and get a high level of support all while building close friendships.


The Facebook Group is an intimate space that you are directly in contact with the other mastermind members. This is the place where questions are getting answered, make new friends, explore business collaborations, get valuable feedback and also give advice/support to your peers. I will also be popping in to answer questions and provide support.



Kadence Group was founded in 2015 by Kristy Gostelow, a boutique music company that specialises in Artist Management and Management Services for artists and bands.

Kristy knows how it feels trying to navigate the music industry labyrinth, but she thinks life without music, would be colourless. She is fiercely loyal and fair. You can count on her to tell the truth. Along with being a creative herself, she relishes in creativity and the kooky side of life.

We work with artists and bands to help them develop the foundation of their business. From grant writing, festival and award submissions to setting up and managing a finance systems, registering your music, managing your tour logistics to project management, music action planning and sourcing addition members for your team.

We are here to help you establish your business, to keep it running to assist you in achieving your goals in the music industry so you can focus on creating.

Kristy has won an Australia Day Award in 2003 for Community Development and was nominated for Young Business Person of the Year 2013 for the Queensland’s AIM Awards.

Although she has held senior management positions in a diverse range of fields across private, government and NFP, she never finished high school. Kristy has managed people, budgets, training, government contracts, events and sponsorship deals from education to finance, business development to youth work.   She begun writing grant applications in 2000 and it's fair to say she knows how to source funding like the back of her hand.

Honoured to have gathered a network of contacts over the years from successful musicians, talented emerging artists, generous sponsors and funding organisations along with related support organisations all committed to the music industry. 

However, above all else it is her family's passion for music that has inspired her.  Having music in our lives is as essential as breathing. Not one for the spotlight or being the centre of attention Kristy prefers to spend time supporting and connecting with others.


Join me and an inspiring group of like-minded entrepreneurs for three months of support, accountability,
problem-solving and motivation to boost your confidence and drive your music career forward 

If you still have questions email me at  or click HERE to schedule a phone call and I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions!