Kadence Musology

The place where music and business collide and a community that helps you build your music into a business.  Here you'll find generous like-minded people who understand you (and the path you've chosen).

Connect & collaborate, discover opportunities, get answers to your Qs, discuss industry news, give & receive feedback, share new music - and get business, social media & marketing tips from Kadence.

Kadence Musology is your haven where you can get support from our community of professional independent musicians, singer/songwriters, bands and solo acts (we're more into contemporary music than classical BTW).

Please introduce yourself when you join - tell us where you are and what you do smile emoticon

As a creative individual, you know how much our art is wrapped up in our sense of self - so please give kind, constructive feedback. Going pro can be tough, so be gentle.

: ask questions
: give support
: network
: receive biz & marketing tips
: share your work (when asked) 
: discuss industry news
: ask for feedback
: give advice
: commiserate
: celebrate (even the small things)

Before you write a post, consider your IP (Intellectual Property), such as unfinished lyrics and new concepts - do you really need to share it? This is a "closed" group and we ask our members to keep what happens in the group, IN the group, so each person feels safe here. This is a place to inspire and support one another, not steal ideas. 

However, if you're NOT ready to make your IP partially public, then it's best not to post about it yet. Looking for feedback on a song you've uploaded to Youtube, your new homepage or blog post, or a flyer for your event? That's already public. Remember, this is a global group and your IP is your responsibility. 

Except on the named promos threads members are invited to.
This means no posting links to your: music/event/products/services; other FB groups; or your social media, youtube & website, etc; unless specifically asked by an admin or group member.

If you spam inside this group or spam members of the group with unsolicited messages, you'll be kicked out. 
Anyone posting non-requested promotional content without specific promos threads will also be deleted.

Don't get yourself banned - be respectful and supportive. 

Keep it fun & friendly.

Let's support one another so we all flourish together.