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Whether you want to put on a weekend festival (attracting acts from across Australia & beyond), or host a small intimate evening with local artists...

Kadence Group's Event Management service can help you.


Without meticulous planning and dexterous execution, a large event can quickly go from being a multifaceted triumph to an imploding beast, spiralling out of control.

Maybe you have great contacts willing to perform or create at the drop of a hat, but funding applications make you squirm. Or maybe you've got one big sponsor already signed up, but no headline act or decent promotion for your event.

Funding can be a catch-22 situation! To secure a grant, you often need separate investments from other sources to match, and potential sponsors are more likely to commit if you can guarantee additional funding streams.

Based in Mackay, Queensland, Kadence Group want to see you succeed.

Even if you're just at the idea stage, we can brainstorm with you and work up a seamless, yet adaptable event management plan. Or bring us in to assist you with one particular need, like writing grant applications.

If you're further along, we can evaluate your proposals and ensure you're on the right path. We can even collaborate with you, accessing our expansive range of creative industry and sponsor contacts, to deliver a fully-realised, outstanding production.

Kadence Group founder, Kristy Gostelow, has experience in sourcing funding & sponsorship for a variety of sectors, as well as in event management. Passionate about the Australian arts and music industry, Kristy loves to work on projects that support artists' careers.

From music festivals to open mics, talent competitions to multidisciplinary art events, we've got you covered.

Whatever the size and style of your event and however small (or large) your venue (or collective / organisation), you've got big plans - so let's make this happen!

Do you require assistance with;

  • Event Plan

  • Event Marketing Plan

  • Event Budgeting

  • Event Management

  • Event Funding

Contact us to discuss your project.